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May 19 WEHI Bioinformatics Seminar

Goknur will be hosting WEHI Bioinformatics Seminar at WEHI on May 19th on behalf of WEHI Bioinformatics Division

Time: 10:45am Tuesdays.
Venue: Davis Auditorium – WEHI1

Speaker: Falk Schreiber – Monash University

Methods and Algorithms for Biological Networks

The complexity of experimental datasets is continuously increasing thereby elevating the requirements for respective methods and computational tool support for the analysis, integration, and visualisation of multiple large-scale datasets. Biological networks are increasingly important to represent and analyse that data and also allow for modelling and simulation of biological processes. Focusing on metabolism, I will present some work about the representation, analysis, and visualisation of biological networks. I will (1) present visualisation algorithms and discuss the need for interactive visual analytics, (2) talk about standards for the graphical representation of biological networks, (3) present network analysis algorithms for the investigation of specific networks such as gene regulatory and metabolic networks, and (4) discuss simulation approaches for metabolism including multiscale modelling. Different examples will show how such methods can help to explore and analyse biological data.

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