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Getting started with AI and Machine Learning, & Playing with Drones – BuzzConf Night: Melbourne, July 27

Rick will be hosting the next instalment of BuzzConf Nights on 27th July. Join us for an evening of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Drones flying around the bar!

If you want a little taste of what the BuzzConf festival is all about, this event is a great place to start. You can also see videos from many of our events on YouTube. (don’t forget to Subscribe!)

Held in The Loop Bar in Melbourne, there will be plenty of options to eat and drink late into the night!

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6pm – Drinks and socialising
7pm to 8:00pm – Technical presentations and demos
8:00pm until late – Music, drinks, and party


Transmoggifying Balrog with Artificial Intelligence — Michael Ensly

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence has made some major advances in recent years, but far from the cutting edge is the AI for the masses. This talk will show you the journey of how yesterday’s AI came to be in today’s applications, and how today’s AI can be applied to your future applications.
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Drones — Just a mean to an end — Maayan Dermer

Maayan will try to give us an unseen perspective from the Defence point of view over the UAV industries, how different consideration and limitation are been looked at, how problems are solved and where the industry in heading to.
We’ll fly a microdrone around the bar, too!

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BuzzConf Festival 2017 announced

We’ve recently announced BuzzConf 2017… check out the promo video we threw together!

Have Something to Say?

We’re always on the look out for presentations, discussions and demonstrations for BuzzConf Nights. If you have something you’d like to share, please get in touch. You don’t need to have a tonne of experience, just a willingness to share your passion.

Have Something to Show?

You’ll occasionally see a robot spider body, or LED list helmet at BuzzConf events. If you have some exciting tech that you’d like to bring, please do! There’ll be plenty of time during before and after the talks to show it off. 

See you in the future!

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BuzzConf events are held all over Australia, and supporting BuzzConf in 2017 gives you access to them all! It’s a fantastic opportunity for you or your business to reach hundreds of the country’s most passionate and talented technology enthusiasts. Find out more on our website, or send us an email so we can help you reach Australia’s top tech talent through the many BuzzConf events in 2017.

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