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The Web Meetup: Web Accessibility, Everyone should be a Designer and Listening like you mean it!

On the 9th May Rick will be hosting the next event for The Web Meetup.

The goal of The Web Meetup is to promote collaboration and a better understanding of the disciplines associated with working on The Web. It’s through an understanding of how to improve communicate and realising where our different roles and skills overlap that we can produce better quality applications and websites, and make our work more enjoyable.

Thanks to our sponsors Zendesk, Loud&Clear, All Squares, and RateMyAgent there will be lots to eat and drink; we have great presenters lined up; and there will plenty of opportunity to network and socialise at the event and at the Mitre Tavern afterwards.

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18:00 – Doors open, food arrives
18:45 – Presentations
20:00 – Finish drinks at Zendesk and head to the Mitre Tavern

The Presentations

Digital Accessibility 101

Allison Ravenhall

The way you code can affect a person’s ability to use your website or app. A quick look at standards, interaction patterns and some things devs can do to code more accessibly.

Allison Ravenhall has worked in IT since 2000, in enough roles to fill a bakery: tester, web dev, team lead, architect, usability and UX consultant, technical writer, trainer, and accessibility consultant. Allison is a Digital Accessibility Sensei at Intopia, helping organisations design and build inclusive websites and apps.

Listen like you mean it

Rohan Irvine

Creating better experiences is about getting to the heart of the problems your users, colleagues and clients have early in the design process. Rohan Irvine, UX Researcher at REA Group, takes you through the techniques learned studying Behavioral Science. You’ll learn how to listen like you mean it so you can create meaningful experiences which solve real problems.

Rohan Irvine is a UX Researcher at REA Group where he designs, facilitates and analyses research for realestate.com.au and other REA Group products. In 2015, he founded UX Gatherings—a monthly event for Melbourne’s UX community. Rohan facilitates UX workshops at General Assembly and Academy Xi, and is currently adding to his plant collection.

Everybody should be a Designer

Amelia Schmidt

Amelia Schmidt explores what design thinking can do for business and engineering. Amelia will show us why “UX Designer” is not just a job title, and explain why following design thinking and user-centred methodologies is best practice — no matter what kind of work you do.

Amelia is a connector, facilitator, creative maker, innovator and empathy machine. She speaks engineer, design, content and business, and is a passionate advocate for best practice and excellence in user experience.

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